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Who are we?

When it comes to high-quality, perfect fit, and quickly delivered online auto parts and accessories store, the name “SPAR” comes on top. SPAR is the largest supplier of Tesla accessories in the whole Middle East with more than 300 irresistible and unique products. You can definitely find anything you can think of here.

Our mission is to give our customers a delightful shopping experience with our huge variety of high-grade and innovative accessories for their Tesla cars at pocket-friendly rates.

By giving fast and excellent products and services, SPAR visualizes to be recognized as the no. 1 high-quality and super affordable Tesla accessories supplier across even more regions. This is our vision!

We’re actually the caretakers of your Tesla’s demands and super enthusiasts who love to decorate your rides in a unique way. Our parts don’t just add beauty to it but make it more accessible, extremely comfortable, convenient, and worthy of jealousy. We bet you’ll love sitting in a car with a stunning exterior and comfy interior, won’t you?

We all know how important cars have become for transportation these days. It’s like a dream of every car owner to find a one-stop-shop from where they can easily find lots of affordable options to give their car a dreamy look. SPAR makes this dream come true by offering lots of products in a number of categories like wheels, storage, spoilers, electronics, exterior, interior items, mats and seats, and most importantly, specialty items to give your Tesla a revolutionary feel and look.

Buying from us can be fun and super efficient for you. We fully support your desire for modifying your Tesla and so we don’t offer limited and easily-available-in-the-market products. We have a huge stock of top-quality, unique, affordable, and attractive looking gear to make you and your car smile. Of course, we take good care of the complete buying experience of our customers. Our zero-hassle buying system and quick delivery can literally “wow” you for a while.

Feeling the desire for some quick modifications for your Tesla?
Look no more and BUY NOW!

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